Tuesday 16 January 2018

'Outrageous' attack on teenage girl

By David Tucker

Kayleigh Cullen after being attacked. She was struck on the face with a pint glass by another woman .
Kayleigh Cullen after being attacked. She was struck on the face with a pint glass by another woman .

A woman whose teenaged sister was 'glassed' at a town centre night club says no young young person is safe on the streets of Wexford town at night.

'What happened to my sister is awful and outrageous,' said mother-of-two Josephine Browne, 'and I want to say to all those mothers who think their children are safe when they go out at night, they are not.'

She said her sister Kayleigh Cullen was attacked by an older woman wielding a pint glass at the Centenary Store's nightclub on Saturday, May 9.

'The girl called her name. As soon as she turned around she was attacked. She was terrified for her life,' said Josephine.

She said Kayleigh was lucky in so far that the deepest wound to her face was half an inch beneath her left eye, although she had been left mentally scarred, depressed and fearful and last week was too traumatised to go for a job interview.

'She has been left physically scarred, but if the glass had been any higher, it could have taken her eye out,' Josephine told

Wexford gardai said they had no reports of any such incident taking place in the town on the weekend of May 9, however, speaking through her sister, Kayleigh said she had reported the attack and had made a statement.

'A lot of damage was done to her face, it is badly cut and bruised, but a lot more damage has been done to her physically and mentally.'

Josephine said an ambulance was called to the Stores, but because the nature of her injuries and the time involved, members of staff from the Stores took her Wexford General Hospital, where her wounds were dressed and her face was stitched.

She was kept in hospital for 24 hours.

Josephine said Kayleigh will have to back to hospital when she is felling better 'for more surgery to fix her face'.

The Centenary Stores was asked to comment, but at the time of going to press had not responded.

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