Sunday 20 October 2019

Outrageous high-speed chase in fog


A 22-YEAR- OLD who led gardai on a dangerous high-speed chase in dense fog while drunk was sentenced to 10 months in prison yesterday and banned from driving for 20 years.

Judge Gerard Haughton rejected appeals for leniency on behalf of Michael Carr, High Street, Taghmon and declared - ' he is going to prison'.

Carr, whose girlfriend is expecting their first child, pleaded guilty to 30 counts of dangerous driving in Wexford, Barntown and Taghmon. His solicitor Ed King accepted it was an 'outrageous episode of dangerous driving' which could have resulted in either the accused or someone else losing their lives. A 22-YEAR old Taghmon man was sentenced to 15 months in prison, with five months suspended when he pleaded guilty at Wexford District Court yesterday to 30 counts of dangerous driving.

Michael Carr, High Street, Taghmon was also banned from driving for 20 years arising from a high-speed garda chase around Wexford on October 31, 2011.

Judge Haughton refused to consider community service instead of a prison sentence. 'There is absolutely no way I will deal with this by way of suspended sentence or community service. He is going to prison,' said the Judge.

Carr who was also convicted of drink driving, panicked when he saw a patrol car according to his solicitor Ed King. Inspector Pat Mcdonald said the defendant drove through a red light on the quay in a blue Honda Civic and sped off when a patrol car signalled to him to stop.

The garda car gave chase through Wexford town and lost track of the vehicle at Crandonnel, Barntown.

Inspector Mcdonald outlined a litany of dangerous driving offences by the accused including:

■ Driving at speed through pedestrian crossings.

■ Dangerously overtaking a mini bus on Crescent Quay.

■ Narrowly avoiding collision with a patrol car.

■ Driving at high speed along South Main Street while numerous people were walking along.

■ Driving the wrong way up Peter Street and Peter's Square which are one-way.

■ Driving at speed along the narrow residential area of Thomas Street on a poor road surface in wet and foggy conditions.

■ Driving through roundabouts at Summerhill and Clonard Road without yielding and forcing other traffic to make emergency stops.

■ Driving on the wrong side of the road at Newbay, Coolcotts and Glenville Road.

■ Overtaking two cars at speed on a continuous white line near the Ballindinas roundabout.

Inspector Mcdonald said Carr increased his distance from the pursuing gardai at Crandonnel.

But another squad car caught sight of him at Forest, Taghmon where he drove along a narrow road at a dangerous speed in dark and wet conditions.

In Taghmon village, he accelerated over speed ramps and mounted the footpath at Joseph Street, colliding with a parked car.

In High Street he stopped briefly but took off at speed again, driving on the wrong side of the road for long periods. He came to a stop at 2.57 a.m. in Molmounty, Taghmon where he was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

He was brought to Wexford Garda Station where he gave a urine sample which showed a concentration of 237 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of urine. Inspector Mcdonald said Carr had previous convictions under the Firearms and Public Order Acts.

Appealing for leniency the defence said Carr's girlfriend was expecting their first child in September.

Judge Haughton remanded the defendant in custody overnight on Monday to consider sentence. On Tuesday afternoon, he sentenced him to a total of 15 months in prison, with five months suspended on condition he enter a bond to keep the peace for two years. A charge of having no rear licence place on his car was taken into account.

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