Friday 15 December 2017

Overflowing bins concern in town


The bin overflowing with rubbish.
The bin overflowing with rubbish.

WEXFORD Tidy Towns has urged people in the town to take more care about what and how much rubbish they put into wheelie bins. Its chairman Denis Collins was commenting after an overloaded bin spilled rubbish, including bottles and cans which should have for recycling, on to the pavement at the Super Valu Car Park last week.

'The bin was too full and the lid will not close. It is inevitable that litter is going to spill out before the bin is collected and the rubbish will be spread around the car park,' he said.

'The bin has some waste that should be going to recycling rather than general waste, you can see bottles, cardboard and cans on the ground. there are also organic waste that should be going to compost.'

Denis made the point that overloaded bins always attract other waste. 'People leave black bags beside overloaded bins that are very often torn apart by dogs and scattered around the area... please segregate your waste and close the lid, if the bin is overloaded every week you need a new bin'.

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