Wednesday 23 October 2019

Overgrown ditches a concern

Visions of tourists hacking their way through luxuriant undergrowth sprouting from roadside ditches to reach the beaches along Wexford's popular east coast were conjured up by Cllr Oliver Walsh last week.

The Fine Gael stalwart welcomed the huge influx of visitors drawn to his native Blackwater by the recent spell of good weather.

He noted that rules introduced to protect nesting birds meant that landholders were not permitted to trim back the ditches.

But he argued that the county council is allowed to cut hedges where safety is a consideration.

He said that safety is an issued around Ballyconnigar and there had been several narrow escapes there the previous weekend.

Cllr Walsh was supported by FG party colleague Paddy Kavanagh who suggested that ecological issues were being put ahead of public safety. He felt that the red tape involved was not helping.

On the other hand, Cllr Robbie Ireton felt that enough wildlife was being killed and suggested that strimmers would be less damaging to the birds.

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