Tuesday 16 January 2018

Parking at Park resolved

By Amy Lewis

A Garda bollard for every household appears to have sorted out parking issues around Wexford Park, according to Cllr George Lawlor.

Speaking at a Joint Policing Committee meeting yesterday (Monday), Cllr Lawlor said that the parking situation during matches has been a 'hot topic' in recent times. He said that those living closest to the match venue are affected by any sporting event, whether there are '200 or 10,000' people in attendance.

'We gave each house a Garda bollard and a group text was sent out,' he said. 'It seems to have resolved things without using any Garda manpower.'

Cllr Lawlor said that the idea was about 'assisting locals to assist themselves'.

'The bollards haven't been abused by people,' he said. 'It's just something to look at.'

Wexford People

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