Wednesday 16 October 2019

Parking problems frustrate residents at Wexford Park

Amy Lewis

Paid parking near Wexford Park was left empty last weekend as drivers left cars on the streets, provoking complaints from local residents.

Last weekend's hurling matches saw a huge influx of cars to the area which led to issues including blocked driveways and footpaths. Cllr Fergie Kehoe, who was contacted by several residents about this issue, said that it is an 'ongoing problem'.

'It seems to be ongoing, not only for large national league matches, but also for small local matches,' he said. 'Residents are just sick and tired of it.'

According to Cllr Kehoe, the cars are creating both an inconvenience and a safety issue.

'If an accident happened or there was an unfortunate incident such as a house fire, it would be difficult to get the emergency services in,' he said.

The issue was raised at Monday's Joint Policing Committee Meeting, with several councillors offering possible solutions. Cllr Kehoe suggested that the grounds of other nearby facilities be used for parking.

'Wexford Racecourse and Wexford County Council could offer their parking facilities on match days if they're not in use. There is ample parking in that area and it's not far from Wexford Park,' he explained.

The councillors are awaiting word from Chief Superintendent John Roche on whether this could be a possibility.

Although the problem was raised by councillors in March, no resolution has yet been found for the problem. According to Cllr Kehoe, there are a lot of issues to deal with.

'A ticketing system was suggested but Chief Supt Roche felt that it could create further problems with regard to complaints,' he explained.

'We also don't want to cordon off another part of town, only to find that the problem with cars continues there,' he said. 'We don't want to just push the issue to another area outside of Wexford town.'

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