Sunday 18 August 2019

Party left in limbo as election time looms

AS JOHN BROWNE cried foul over the decision to export acute psychiatric services out of County Wexford, party followers were left in the dark about tactics for the constituency in the General Election. The Enniscorthy poll topper torpedoed Sunday's scheduled convention at the Riverside Park Hotel.

And the postponement means that there has still been no confirmation of whether the under pressure party will run two candidates or three in the constituency for the national poll.

With ratings on the slide it is expected, however, that F.F. officials will order a what-wehave-we-hold strategy by running their two sitting Deputies, without a running mate.

Minister for Europe Dick Roche was booked to chair the convention and unveil the approach dictated by head office but the meeting was called off.

John Browne said yesterday (Monday) that he expected the convention to be refixed for the second or third Sunday in January.

He also hinted that he expects to be on the ticket with Seán Connick, with no room for Lisa McDonald or any other third runner. He explained why he was taking a stand on the mental health service:

'I want to hear from the Mental Health Commission how they can close a place (the admissions unit in St. Senan's Hospital) without putting an alternative in place.'

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