Thursday 14 December 2017

Patients robbed of dignity and privacy says Margaret

A GLYNN RESIDENT has spoken of her dismay at the situation at Wexford General Hospital following a recent visit there with her husband.

Margaret Higgins, from Carrigmannon Woods, has called for all wards closed and beds taken out of operation to be reinstated with immediate effect or she will ' be asking the people of Wexford to call for the release of duties of the hospital executive and bed managers'.

The Glynn lady spoke to Dr Colm Quigley, Clinical Director of Wexford General Hospital, during her husband's time at the hospital and subsequently wrote to him outlining her feelings on the matter.

Margaret pointed out that her husband received 'excellent care from the hospital staff within their bounds of limitations', but she feels that the ongoing cutbacks have created an 'unacceptable' situation at the hospital.

'It was disappointing and upsetting to see the situation even worse than last year,' said Margaret.

'It's unacceptable to see so many trolleys all over the shop reception, corridors and wherever they can be slotted in, while there are three wards with beds closed,' she said.

' The most important people on the ground, the doctors, nurses and other medical staff, are expected to give good care in such extreme conditions. This can only lead to mistake and loss of life,' said Margaret.

She also said that patients at Wexford General are ' being robbed of their dignity and privacy.

' This can only exasperate their pain and that of their relatives and would not be an inducement to a speedy recovery,' said Margaret, adding that patient confidentiality is also compromised in the cramped conditions as patients lie side by side on trolleys.

Margaret said she would urge the families of patients, if they were able for it, to move them to the empty ward space on their trolleys to show the hospital just how they feel about conditions there.

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