Monday 19 March 2018

Patients worried says Dr. McKiernan

'HOSPITALS DON'T CLOSE, you just run down certain services and then they stop being acute hospitals,' said Dr Paddy McKiernan.

The retired consultant, who worked at Wexford General Hospital for almost 30 years, represented The Friends of Wexford General Hospital at the launch of the Wexford General Hospital Community Alliance on Monday.

' The people and patients of Co Wexford are worried,' said Dr McKiernan, who cautioned in particular about any downgrading of the hospital's A&E department from its current 24-hour service.

He said the department is the ' front door' of a hospital and 'if you don't have a good A&E department that's the start of a run-down of a good hospital'.

Dr McKiernan said no-one wanted to see ambulances driving past the front door of the hospital to bring patients elsewhere when they could be better provided at Wexford General Hospital, while he also feels it is crucial to retain acute surgical services at the current level or develop them further.

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