Thursday 14 December 2017

PAUL KEHOE 'Hoarse, unclear'

PAUL KEHOE was listening to the now notorious Morning Ireland interview with the Taoiseach as it went out live last week. He thought at the time that there was something wrong and commented to his staff that Mr Cowen appeared to be under the weather: 'He sounded hoarse, unclear and indecisive.'

On reflection, he fully accepted that staying up late at a party function was not a hanging offence, but suggested that the leader of the country should be better prepared when going into a major interview, if only to show he is serious about the problems facing the country.

'I don't believe that he treated the electorate seriously,' observed the Fine Gael man. 'We were told months ago that Brian Cowen would up his game but I have seen no change. It does not give people confidence that he can lead the country.'

He remarked that the question of who should lead Fianna Fáil was a matter for the party but felt that the electorate at large had already made up their mind about Brian Cowen. They wanted a change of Government, he asserted, and a Taoiseach who had a mandate.

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