Tuesday 12 December 2017

Paul pulls out after canvass


Paul O'Hanlon.
Paul O'Hanlon.

THE day after he was seeking people's votes on the streets of Wexford, Independent Paul O'Hanlon pulled out of the election.

Even before we started doorstepping with him, there were rumours that he might withdraw, however, he denied this ahead of the canvass, saying there were always people ready and willing to say what he would be doing.

Paul would have been one of the more colourful characters in the election and always ready to shake things up.

Perhaps he knew then that he would withdraw because he was uncharacteristically under-stated on the doorsteps in Thomas Street.

'I'm an Independent. If you don't vote for me will you vote for another Independent?' Mr O'Hanlon asks Edel Kehoe on Thomas Street.

'Democracy is a fragile flower, one bump and it's gone,' he says, jokingly suggests knocking on the door of a friend's house.

'I've only got 120 friends,' he says, referring to the number of ballots he took in his last endeavour into politics, in the local elections.

Further down Thomas Street, Nicola Mann comes to the door in her pyjamas and listens politely as Paul makes his bid to win her support, claiming the government will do everything within its power to keep the Independents out.

'They will pull people out of the graveyards to vote for them.. they are going to get back in by stealth,' he says.

Like her neighbour, Nicola listens politely, but doesn't commit to endorsing the O'Hanlon campaign.

'I'm well enough known. People recognise my face,' he says when reminded that he was telling anyone who he was.

A little later support, if not a commitment, does come from Talbot Green resident Pat Roche. The Green would have traditionally been one of Wexfords' Labour stronmgholds, but Pat tells Paul, Labour will not be getting his vote because they have let the people down.

'I've been an Independent for 20 years, my name is Paul O'Hanlon and I'm standing on an anti-immigration platform. Ireland for the Irish and I'm not afraid to say so,' says the Independent. The next day he was gone from the fray.

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