Monday 19 March 2018

Pedestrians at risk from Bullring traffic

AN INCREASE in traffic travelling through the Bullring in Wexford is placing pedestrians at risk, a meeting of the Borough Council was told this week.

Cllr. Anthony Kelly (Sinn Fein) asked the local authority to consider putting in a pedestrian crossing or improved signage.

However, other members argued that a pedestrian crossing might work in another area but it would cause even more problems in the Bullring.

'If a crossing is put up there, there won't be a car that will cross because there are people passing through there morning, noon and night', said Cllr. Paddy Nolan (FF).

Cllr. George Lawlor (Lab) agreed and said the Council would be causing more problems than it would solve.

'If you put in a crossing, you will have traffic backed up and if you put in flashing lights, people could just walk out', he said.

'It's a difficult area to regulate because people are coming from all angles and it is a major artery on the Main Street', he added.

Cllr. Jim Allen said the Bullring had turned into a sort of loading area with vans parked illegally there all the time.

The Borough Engineer Tadhgh O Corcora said the Bullring wasn't a standard junction but there were a lot of positives to how it operated.

Speed generally is slow and there is a 'give way, proceed with caution' culture in the area.

Promising to have a look at the junction, he said: 'Sometimes it is better to look, examine and leave well enough alone, but traffic is increasing so we will have a look at that as well'.

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