Thursday 22 August 2019

People shouldn't bury head in the sand when faced with debt

Jim Moore
Jim Moore

By Esther Hayden

People in mortgage arrears should work with the local authority to stop them getting further into debt.

Members of Wexford Borough District heard that 60 people within the district are currently working with the council through the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process and there are 30 agreements in place.

Senior executive officer Liz Hore said that the council were contacting anyone who was 90 days in arrears to try and ensure that the situation didn't escalate.

Cllr Jim Moore said that 'putting your head in the sand is not an option' when it comes to debt although he acknowledged that some people are very reluctant to contact the council.

Ms Hore said the council applies a 'pragmatic view' and are aware that often people are in debt because of financial circumstances.

She said she didn't want people 'to feel they had travelled so far that there was no coming back' and it was for this reason that the council were contacting people 90 days in arrears.

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