Sunday 25 August 2019

Perfect day for culture club



THE STREETS OF Wexford were a hotbed of culture and arts on Friday night as Culture Night 2012 got into full swing.

Places such as Selskar Abbey, The Bullring, Wexford Opera House and the main street played host to a variety of different events celebrating all that is creative and artistic within the town.

Culture Night is a national programme celebrated all over Ireland with the goal of promoting and nurturing local talent. In the current economic climate, it can be difficult to make events like this a success, however, one of the organisers, Feargal Hynes, was delighted with how things went considering financial constraints. 'I think it went really well,' Feargal said. 'Especially when you consider that our budget was way down on last year by something like 35%. But when it came down to it we managed to add an extra twelve shows making a total of 36 events in 22 different venues across the town.'

This year the venue was the area of focus and, according to Fergal, it's an area in which we are spoiled for choice here in Wexford. ' This year we really concentrated on the different venues. We're really lucky in Wexford in that we have really state of the art venues, from Wexford Opera House, to places like Greenacres Gallery and Wexford Arts Centre. We had full houses in these venues as well as places like Selskar Abbey and St Iberius Church, so the reception was really really positive.'

Selskar Abbey hosted its first ever concert on the evening, and was packed to capacity as the stunning Valda Chamber Choir delivered a fantastic performance in the beautiful historic surroundings. It is now hoped that the Abbey can be used for events such as this into the future.

Sports fans were in their element as part of the Main Street was transformed into a hurling pitch and the next generation of hurling and camogie players battled it out in front of the crowd assembled. 'Hurling is something that people often forget is part of culture,' Fergal said. 'So it was great to bring that into it this year and involve children in the event too.'

St Iberius Church played host to the Vorcare Choral Group who entertained the capacity crowd with a performance that served as practice for their upcoming show in Carnegie Hall, New York. The Wexford Light Opera Society also proved very popular with their performances in the Opera House. People squeezed in anywhere they could to hear fantastic performances, with Tony Carthy's proving particularly popular.

All in all Culture Night was a great success and provided just a taster of the talent that Wexford Town has to offer.

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