Monday 18 December 2017

Piggery silos to stay despite complaints

By Amy Lewis

The two, ten metre silos are to stay in Bulgan, Glynn.
The two, ten metre silos are to stay in Bulgan, Glynn.

Permission for planning retention has been granted to the owner of Premier Pigs piggery in Bulgan, Glynn despite a spate of appeals from local residents.

The application, which concerned the retention of two number feed silos instead of the originally proposed three, was granted by Wexford County Council on January 13.

Submissions were made by 24 individuals regarding common themes. In the planner's report, these themes were summarised as: odour emancipating from the site, visual intrusion of silos, non-compliance with planning permission and enforcement. Other issues raised included devaluation of property prices in the area, noise, no nutrient management plan, that the area should be considered 'residential' and not 'agricultural', danger of silos during high winds and lack of EIS.

Senior Executive Planner James Lavin submitted a report and recommendation to Wexford County Council on January 11. In the conclusion, Mr Lavin acknowledged the 'number of outstanding operational issues' relating to the facility 'in particular the issue of odour' and that the residents of the area are 'deeply unhappy' with the current operations.

He also noted a letter from the site operators which stated that the silos will house dry feed as opposed to wet feed and therefore, odour emissions will be greatly reduced.

'Whilst I am somewhat sceptical of this claim and no documentary evidence has been submitted to support this assertion, I am nonetheless aware that this application is for the retention of two 10 metre silos as opposed to three 8 metre silos. I do not consider that the granting of permission would in any way exacerbate the ongoing issues relating to this facility or provide an obstacle to the resolution of outstanding issues. Likewise, I do not think that refusing this application would help to address the operational matters...'

Mr Larkin continued to say that he focused primarily on the visual impact of the silos commenting:

'I would not consider that the two 10 metre silos would be any more or less visually intrusive that the three permitted 8 metre silos...'

The decision was signed in by Director of Services Tony Larkin.

The piggery was in the spotlight last month when a representative committee expressed their frustration with Wexford County Council for failing to take legal action to enforce its own enforcement notice there. The Concerned Residents Against Piggery group voiced their concerns over the silos, odours and noise pollution. The piggery owner did not wish to comment.

Speaking on the recent decision, a committee spokesperson said: 'We are very disappointed by Wexford County Council's decision, but not at all surprised. We don't think we need to comment on the decision to grant planning despite 24 objections because we feel this action speaks for itself and people can draw their own conclusions. This will not end here for us.'

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