Friday 15 December 2017

Plan to extend Rosslare house is rejected

An application for permission to extend a house in a Rosslare Strand estate has fallen foul of the planners at Wexford County Council.

Brockwill Limited sought permission for demolition of an existing conservatory to make way for a two-storey extension in South Bay.

Such a change would allow the residents a fine view of the sea to the rear of the house.

However, council officials felt that, though the principle of an extension was acceptable, the details submitted were not in order.

They noted that the add-on would overlook the neighbours in the property next door to the south.

No formal objections to the development were recorded on the planning file but the application was nevertheless returned marked 'refused'. Brockwill was also told that, in the circumstances, the drawings submitted were not adequate.

Wexford People

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