Saturday 24 February 2018

Plane hit 'close to summit'

David Tucker

A Rathnure man climbed to the scene of the air crash on Monday morning, dramatic photographs taken by him showing the extent of devastation caused when the doomed Cessna hit the ground.

Dwane Doran said he saw what he believed was the same plane flying over his house early on Sunday afternoon and later in the day, the Rescue 117 helicopter from Waterford.

'I noticed the plane because it's very rare to see planes flying over here.. they wouldn't normally fly in this area,' said Dwane.

He said that when he saw the single-engined plane it was 'quite high' and he believed it could have come down on the return leg of that journey.

Dwane said that by the time he heard about the crash on Sunday, it was too late in the day to head for Mount Leinster, so he decided to make the trip on Monday, driving up a forest track from an area known as the Nine Stones and then climbing on foot for an hour and a half to get to the area where the plane came down, 'fairly close to the summit'.

'It was spread out over a wide area.. I found the wreckage first and then the contact site, the initial crash site on the ground. I had gone another 500 or 600 metres from it when I found a wheel,' he told this newspaper.

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'By then the visibility was down to about 150 metres and it was tough going so I headed back,' said Dwane, an amateur photographer who is due to start a photojournalism course at Waterford Institute of Technology in September.

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