Wednesday 16 October 2019

Plans submitted for state-of-the-art Wexford town estate

Pictured: the site in Coolcotts earmarked for development.
Pictured: the site in Coolcotts earmarked for development.

By David Tucker

A company of international property developers has applied for planning permission for a new state-of-the-art housing estate next to Wexford Racecourse, in Coolcotts.

The application is the first for a major residential development in the town for several years and according to Wexford-based planning consultant Ian Doyle 'represents a return of the property market to Wexford'.

The application by Isle of Man-based developers Minetta Ltd. is for 153 residential units, a creche and associated site works at Coolcotts Lane.

The 6.32 Ha site is bound to the north by Wexford Racecourse, to the south by an existing housing estate and to the east and west by existing residential developments varying from single residential units to a large council housing estate.

It will feature Green initiatives including rainwater harvesting as well as 'Home Zones' designed to restore the balance between traffic and communities.

In a letter to the council, Mr. Doyle says permission was granted on the site in 2009 for 158 residential units and associated. Subsequently, an extension was granted with permission due to expire on August 18, 2019.

'On closer examination of the permitted scheme and detailed evaluation of the layout, house types and associated build cost, it was determined that the scheme in its present foem is not economically viable in the context of current market demand,' says Mr. Doyle.

The new application aims to provide 'a modern, best practice compliant development incorporating elements of the recognised concept of Home Zones, such as raised shared surfaces at junctions, pinch points to reduce traffic to a single lane, natural traffic calming through design and layout and a reduction in vehicle/pedestrian segregation through the removal of footpaths where appropriate'.

'This in turn can make streets safer, more sociable and safer places to live in,' says Mr. Doyle.

The proposed scheme will consist of six house types of which two are three-storey and the remainder two-storey with provision for three and four bedrooms. This is said to be consistent with current market demand and the associated lack of provision of modern family homes to buy'.

A total of 323 car parking spaces are provided, equating to two per house with eight visitor parking paces. In addition, there are nine spaces reserved specifically for the creche.

The internal links roads in the scheme, says Mr. Doyle, have been designed to discourage 'rat running' as it is quicker and more efficient to exit the scheme and use external distribution roads than it is to move through it.

Four phases of the development are proposed, with each linked internally via roads and pedestrian links.

'However, individual entrances for each phase of the development allow for autonomy during construction preventing a scenario where occupants of phase one would have to endure construction traffic for the remaining phases.'

There is no timeline for the suggested start of the scheme, which is subject to when it gets the green light from planners.

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