Saturday 20 January 2018

Pony dies of starvation in field

By Fintan Lambe

A pony was found dead in a field near Hunter's Green last week.
A pony was found dead in a field near Hunter's Green last week.

A SMALL pony was found dead in a field next to the Hunter's Green estate in Gorey last week.

NWSPCA inspectors were called out on Monday, and found four live horses in the field. A fifth appeared to have died of starvation. The nine or ten-year-old pony collapsed beside the gate, and concerned locals contacted the NWSPCA.

Wexford County Council removed the four surviving horses, and the NWSPCA said it will do its utmost to save and home them. The dead horse was covered up with a blanket, and removed from the field the following day.

A spokesperson for the Society said that they contacted the owner of the field who said he hadn't given permission for the horses to be on the field, but he offered to cover the cost of the disposal of the carcass.

The NWSPCA also contacted the gardaí in the hope of tracking down the owner of the horses, but they aren't holding out much hope that a prosecution can be followed up.

The spokesperson said that a bale of hay appeared to have been recently put in the field, but that a weaker horse is sometimes bullied away from the food by the other horses, so it's always important to spread the fodder out. There was water available to the horses through a stream in the field.

She said the horses appeared to be moved in and out of the field regularly, as the pony wasn't there when they went to the site the previous week.

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