Sunday 18 March 2018


EVERYONE CAN MAKE a difference in the Tidy Towns by playing their part, but it seems one green-fingered lady in Poulpeasty is making quite an impression with her gardening, so much so that a sign from the main road to her handy work may even be in order!

Under the important Landscaping heading in the small rural spot's latest impressive report 'pride of place' is awarded to the road leading to the old church/community hall, the property beside them and the surrounding open green spaces.

'What a riot of colour and a wealth of planting, and we highly commend the lady with the green fingers and hard work that gives this effect to the farmholding,' said the adjudicators.

' The absolute exuberance of the entire planting at the house, farmyard and across the road in the open space contrasts beautifully with the classic simplicity of the ash tree outside the hall.

' The sweet smelling country roses beside the nice railway sleeper edging were a delight also, as were the ox-eye daisies. The copper beech trees at the house also provided a lovely colour contrast. The entire area is a delight and a must for visitors to Poulpeasty. Perhaps you could indicate this treasure in some way from the main road?'

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