Saturday 16 December 2017

Principal says technology motivates children and enhances curriculum

By Amy Lewis

Peter Creedon, Principal of St. Aidan's Primary School in Enniscorthy, disagrees with the findings of the OECD study as he believes that it does not relate to his own experience of technology in schools.

'We have found it motivates and energises children and it makes them work better because they like the channel they are working through,' he said. 'I would stand over the idea that a child will learn a fact better if you allow them to find it for themselves.'

According to Mr Creedon, staff at St. Aidan's are 'firm believers in technology' and its use to enhance the curriculum. There are iPads in every classroom, with one iPad for every three students. However, although they place a strong emphasis on technology in the school, computers are not used for every lesson.

'If pen and paper is best for learning, we use it. If technology is best, we use that,' said Mr Creedon. 'Also, we dont download books at all. We prefer if kids read the hard copies.'

The school has already seen the positive effects of incorporating technology into learning, with Mr Creedon saying it has been a 'huge success'.

'Last year we used Khan Academy for maths and a lot of kids used it for their homework. We saw a huge improvement because kids could continue on to their own level. Some were evern able to go on to Junior Cert level maths,' he explained.

'This is an example of a perfectly good use of technology.'

Mr Creedon believes that having computers and iPads in schools is fitting with modern life, saying that 'people don't need to be taught things anymore.'

'Knowledge is out there now. With all of our subjects, we encourage students to go and find the information for themselves.'

Although Mr Creedon is fully supportive of technology in schools, he believes that proper planning is key for success.

'Just buying technology and putting in a classroom is no good. It's how it's used and how it's used to back up the curriculum that's important,' he said. 'At the end of the day, the lesson has to be interesting as well.'

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