Wednesday 13 December 2017

Prison for man who ran out of chances

A WEXFORD man with a string of suspended sentences was finally given a jail term when he appeared before Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla last week.

Barry Martin (29), formerly of 21 The Pillar, King Street, but now living in Waterford, was charged with being drunk in public and acting in a threatening, abusive and insulting manner at Abbey Street on January 25 last.

Judge O Buachalla heard that Martin was seen having an argument with a female. They were asked to leave the area, but just continued the argument a little further up the street.

When approached again, Martin, who was drunk, was threatening and abusive towards the Gardaí. The court heard that he has 21 previous convictions.

Colette Culleton, for Martin, said he has made efforts to move on with his life and is now living alone in Waterford. Ms Culleton said Martin had a serious substance abuse problem and when he managed to get clean of drugs, he then started abusing alcohol. However, she said he hadn't drank since the incident in January.

Judge O Buachalla noted that Martin's past record included 'at least eight suspended sentences' and sentenced him to four months in prison.

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