Thursday 14 December 2017

Rampaging tenant claims he didn't get deposit back


A MAN WHO DAMAGED a house he was renting because he allegedly didn't get his deposit back, was given a threemonth prison sentence by Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla at Wexford District Court.

James Murphy, High Street, Taghmon was convicted of damaging windows and a door in a house owned by Richard Black at 7 Stream Street, Taghmon on October 30, 2009, and threatening to cause damage to the property of Ann McGee next door in number 6.

Inspector Pat McDonald said the defendant who had 22 previous convictions, was renting the house and damaged it before he had to leave. He admitted he caused the damage, saying he was owed €300 of a deposit that he didn't get back.

The Inspector said he also called to the neighbour Ann McGee and threatened to damage her property too.

He shouted at her and said that if she said anything, he would do the same to her windows. The windows of the landlord's house had been broken the previous night.

He told the court that the amount of damage involved was €2,680. However, Eva Lalor, solicitor for the accused said the amount on the charge sheet was €1,000.

Ms. Lalor said there was an acrimonious relationship between her client and the landlord.

Inspector McDonald said a colour TV and a heater were removed from the house but Ms. Lawlor said it would seem that the landlord has retained one of these items from a previous tenant. This was a criminal damage charge, not a theft charge, she added.

She said her client and the landlord ran into some difficulties. The landlord tried to evict him from the house. Whenever he left the house, the nextdoor neighbour would ring the landlord and he would enter when he wasn't there.

Ms. Lalor said her client did have words with Ms. McGee because he believed she had been interfering and had been contacting the landlord when he wasn't there.

Judge O Buachalla sentenced the defendant to three months in prison on the criminal damage charge and bound him to the peace for three years on the threat charge.

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