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Randy hoping eating challenge is a piece of cake

Professional eater Randy Santel will take on an eating challenge in Taghmon
Professional eater Randy Santel will take on an eating challenge in Taghmon
Allison Johnson with some of her cupcake bouquets

Esther Hayden

Professional eater Randy Santel will attempt to eat 30 bespoke cupcakes in a food eating challenge in Taghmon this Thursday, June 14.

Randy who has won over 593 food challenges in 48 different states and 20 countries around the world was contacted by Allison Johnson of Bouquets and Buttercream when she saw he was undertaking a European and Asia tour.

Allison who runs Bouquets and Buttercream from her home in Taghmon specialises in designing beautiful cupcake bouquets, freshly baked and decorated which she turns into stunning floral bouquets.

She moved to Wexford in 2015 with her partner Darren Chesters and three children and jumped at the opportunity to work from home.

'I had been a bit of a hobby baker for years and years,' said Allison 'so this seemed like an ideal fit.'

Allison said she and Darren has often watched Randy undertaking his eating challenges on YouTube. 'When we found out that he was doing a tour of Europe which included Ireland we took a chance and wrote to him challenging him to eat one of my 30 cupcake bouquets in 15 minutes.

'He doesn't normally do cake challenges but it's his birthday in June so he said he would do it. He's only ever done one cake eating challenge before so this is a real novelty for him.

'He's really up for the idea of eating the 30 cupcakes in the time specified.'

Allison said that she has no design for the cupcake bouquet in mind yet but said the flavours of the cupcake will be largely vanilla as well as a mix of chocolate, lemon and red velvet ones to add introduce some other flavours.

Randy will arrive in Wexford on June 14 having completed a food eating challenge in Dublin the previous day, June 13. He will travel to Allison and Darren's home outside Taghmon and the cupcake eating challenge will take place that afternoon at 5 p.m. in front of a live audience.

'We put up a Facebook post looking for audience members' said Allison 'and we've received a really good response. We are also offering one person the chance to take on Randy and munch their way through another 30 cupcake bouquet. We've had a couple of people expressing an interest in that so we will just pick one of the names out of a hat closer to the time.'

While scoffing 30 cupcakes sounds likes an easy challenge it's definitely not for the faint hearted. 'One of my 30 cupcake bouquets is actually a combined cake and buttercream weight of 2.5kg so it will be difficult to get through it all.

The challenge will be posted on Randy's YouTube page as will his challenges in Dublin, Waterford, Cork and Bantry Bay. For more information log onto

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