Saturday 20 January 2018

Real hunger for political change says Social Democrat Kelly

By David Tucker

Leonard Kelly shaking hands with Deputy Stephen Donnelly.
Leonard Kelly shaking hands with Deputy Stephen Donnelly.

Social Democrats candidate for Wexford Leonard Kelly told the party's first constituency meeting in the Talbot Hotel on Thursday that there was a real hunger for political change in the county and beyond.

A former Independent local candidate, Mr Kelly said that the thing that had attracted him to the party was the integrity of the three sitting TDs, Roisin Shortall, Catherine Murphy and Stephen Donnelly, who attended the Wexford launch, and outlined his party's aims for a fairer and more inclusive Ireland,

'We recognise the hunger for real political change both at a local level in County Wexford and beyond,' Mr Kelly told the well-attended meeting.

'After the economic crash of 2008, the subsequent years of austerity and the unfulfilled promises of the 2011 election, people are paying more attention to politics now and are keenly aware how it affects their daily lives. The Irish people are well travelled and are keen observers of how things are done in other countries. Many have heard of or have had direct experience of Social Democracy in action abroad and often ask why we don't have a similar level of public service in Ireland?'

Citing his background as an engineer and the need to get to the root causes of a problem, Mr Kelly said he 'could help contribute to how decisions are made using an evidence-based approach'. Deputy Donnelly urged those attending the meeting to lend 90 minutes of their time to knock on doors for a canvass.

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