Wednesday 13 December 2017

Reduced fine for driver who parked in residents' space

A MOTORIST who was fined €300 for parking in a 'Residents Only' area at School Street in Wexford had that fine reduced to €60 when she brought an appeal to Wexford Circuit Court last week.

Part-time drama teacher Natasha O'Brien, of 12 Castle Park in Piercestown, had the fine imposed at the District Court in respect of the offence on December 1 last year. She was not in the court on the day the fine was handed down, and told Judge Barry Hickson at the Circuit Court that this was because she had to work that day. 'If I don't work, I don't get paid,' she said.

She argued that the 'Residents Only' sign did not make it clear others could be fined for parking there. 'It just says ' Residents Only'. It doesn't say 'Patrolled by Wexford Borough Council' or anything like that. The residents could have just put it there themselves,' she said.

The court also heard Ms O'Brien was in contact with the Council within hours of the parking ticket being issued, to argue the point with them. She was unhappy with how they proceeded to the District Court rather than giving what she felt would be full consideration to her concerns.

'I wrote them letters and made phone calls. They weren't very polite about it,' she said.

She accepted however that her car was indeed parked in the 'Residents Only' area. 'If I have to pay a fine, I will, but I just wanted a chance to make my point,' she told the court.

Judge Barry Hickson said he would reduce the fine to €60. He also ordered that costs of €50 be paid to the Borough Council.

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