Tuesday 20 August 2019

Renaming Upper George Street is 'pointless' - resident

Brendan Roche outside Robert Brennan's former home.
Brendan Roche outside Robert Brennan's former home.

SUGGESTIONS that Upper George Street should be renamed to honour hero Robert Brennan have been dismissed as 'pointless' by one local resident.

The council is considering mini-referendum to see if residents would prefer it to be called Brennan Street rather than Upper George Street, however, local man Brendan Roche said that until he saw recent publicity about Brennan and his achievements, he had never heard of him.

'This prompts me to ask the question, would renaming the street inform anyone of his achievements and make him any better known to locals and visitors to Wexford. And the simple answer is no,' Brendan told this newspaper.

'My suggestion would be to erect a plaque or monument to him which would outline his achievements. The place to erect this monument would be on the green area in George Street along the walk way to West Gate near the round tower.'

He said renaiming Upper George Street was not a great idea 'as the history of two other plebiscites on the naming of the street would show'.

'If the name of Upper George Street was to change would Mount George change to Mount Brennan, would Lower George Street not have an Upper George Street, would the businesses operating in the street have additional costs to change their address?' said Mr. Roche.

Brennan, who grew up in Upper George Street, took part in the 1916 Rising, was a prominent writer and journalist and became the Irish Free State's first minister to the United States, yet he his name has been virtually airbrushed from the history of the town.

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