Monday 18 December 2017

Repeat drink driver wants licence back

A WEXFORD man's application for the restoration of his driving licence was adjourned last week to allow him produce proof that an insurance company is willing to provide him with cover following three incidents of drunken driving.

Enda O'Riordan, 21 The Faythe, was disqualified from driving for seven years from December 12, 2007.

He explained to Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla last week that the driving ban was seven years as he had been before the court for three cases of drunken driving, with the third offence committed while the first two cases were pending.

O'Riordan said he is in college and not working, but there are options for work if his driving licence is restored.

However, Inspector Pat McDonald pointed out that O'Riordan had brought no evidence with him that an insurance company was willing to provide him with cover, such a letter with a quote. He also said that there was no letter with an offer of employment, pending the restoration of his driving licence, before the court.

O'Riordan said he was a refrigeration engineer and if he couldn't drive he wasn't going to get work.

'I don't think the grounds of this application are sufficient,' said Inspector McDonald, objecting to the application on behalf of the Gardaí.

Judge O Buachalla did not reject the application, however. He adjourned it until November 1 next and asked O'Riordan to come back on that date with some documentation showing that an insurer has been made aware of his previous convictions and is willing to provide him with cover.

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