Monday 16 September 2019

Residents didn't get 'what we paid for' in Clonattin

By Esther Hayden

'It's unlikely it will ever be finished,' said Paula Reardon as she looks out across the vast Clonattin Village estate at the edge of Gorey.

Paula and husband Richard moved to the estate from Dublin eight years ago with their four children.

'We came here because it was supposed to be like a village. There was going to be a park and a playground for the kids and all sorts of play areas and facilities. There was going to be landscaping and shops which would give it a village feel.

'But it's been left a disgrace. When the showhouse is being opened the place might get a tidy up but overall it's been left very shabby.

'It was lovely at first but it's dirty looking now in my opinion.

'In the summer we go to the playground but after that we just bring the kids to Gorey town or to Courtown. I wouldn't be too happy letting the kids over to the playground on their own.

'It's not what we paid for. Part of me is sorry we moved here because it hasn't been finished but there are worse estates.'

Paula also said there was a spate of burglaries in the estate last year but said that thankfully this seems to have stopped now. 'There had been a good few break-ins but these seem to have calmed down now.'

She said that there is little sense of a community in the area either with many people keeping to themselves. 'A lot of people wouldn't know their neighbours and there are houses down the back that aren't even lived in. I suppose that's a sign of the times too.'

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