Sunday 20 October 2019

Residents step up security following break-ins

Residents in the Mulgannon area have been stepping up security on their homes following a spate of break ins in the area.

At least three houses were broken into towards the beginning of July and it is believed that attempts were made on other properties in the area. In each case the houses were ransacked and the thieves made off with small items such as jewellery and small amounts of cash.

A spokesperson for Wexford Gardaí said: 'Recently we have had two break ins in Mulgannon in early July, one on July 3 and one on July 6. Both took place during the day, the first at around 10 - 11 a.m. and the other in the afternoon.

In the case of the first break-in the thieves entered the house through an open bathroom window and left with some jewellery. In the second case they entered through a conservatory or sun room and left with a small amount of cash, some jewellery and personal documents such as passports.'

County Manager, Adrian Doyle, also believed that his home may have been a target for the gang who have been targeting his neighbours. 'At our house a chair had been moved up beside a window and neither my wife or I had moved it,' said Mr Doyle.'

'It's possible that it was nothing, but we mentioned it to the Gardaí while they were up talking to my wife about the break ins next door. My wife had heard some noise coming from next door on the day of one of the break ins, but thought nothing of it because it was during the day.

'I suppose it's just a matter of the residents of Mulgannon keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, any suspicious cars travelling up and down the road and things like that.'

A number of residents in the area have taken the opportunity to invest in alarms and various security systems in the past couple of weeks as a result.

Gardaí have also urged people to be extra careful about leaving windows open in the warm weather. A spokesman said: 'We would urge people not to let their guard down when the weather is fine.'

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