Thursday 22 August 2019

Retailers feel the pinch as drivers buy less

MOTORISTS have certainly been feeling the pain of rising fuel prices, and have cut back on their usage.

John O'Connor, who owns the Maxol garage on the Arklow Road, has seen a drop in sales over recent months.

He says that people are putting less fuel in the cars and just hoping they have enough to get around. ' The amount of people I've seen putting as little as five euro in their cars,' he said, ' it would be barely worth their time.'

John claims that around 90 percent of customers that come in to his shop are concerned about fuel prices.

He attributes the rising fuel prices to the conflict in Libya and the general instability in many countries in the Middle East, where a large amount of the oil we consume is sourced.

He does however think that prices may stabilise in the near future 'I have reason to believe that it will level off in the coming weeks,' he stated.

Prices though are unlikely to drop in the near future, as oil reserves are running out, and the less of it there is in the ground the more it is going to cost consumers.

John sees another reason why fuel prices are unlikely to drop. As the Government gets a large percentage of every litre that petrol or diesel that is sold, it is unlikely to want the price to drop. ' The Government doesn't want it to come down. The more it costs, the bigger cut they get,' John claimed.

One thing is for sure, if prices don't stabilise in the near future many people will be forced to stay at home more often, and with a lack of public transport to most rural villages and townlands in the North Wexford area that would be a headache for business and residents alike.

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