Saturday 24 August 2019

'Return to Taghmon and you'll be jailed'

JUSTIN SINNOTT (32) of Slevoy, Foulksmills has been told that he faces six months in jail if he returns to Taghmon any time in the coming twelve months.

Sinnott attended the District Court last week when he admitted criminal damage and public order offences dating back to Taghmon on July 4.

It was on that date that Sinnott's mother called the Gardaí to her home in Monastery Avenue where her estranged son committed damage to the tune of €110 to the porch of the house. He was drunk at the time.

Judge Gerard Haughton was told that the 32-year-old accused had a record of 52 previous convictions imposed over the period from 1999 to 2011.

However, solicitor Caitriona Walsh felt that her client had been largely crime free over the past three years.

Ms. Walsh accepted that Sinnott had a difficulty with alcohol.

She informed the court that the defendant had a daughter but that two other children died along with their mother in a road accident and he still had to deal with that tragedy to this day.

Judge Haughton recorded the six month sentence but suspended the term with the condition that Justin Sinnott must stay out of Taghmon and not consume alcohol for a year.

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