Tuesday 24 October 2017

'Reward' email not sent by DoneDeal

WEXFORD-based web company DoneDeal has urged people to ignore a new phishing scam which is disguised as a survey on its services.

The scam mail comes in pretending that people receiving it have been selected by 'to take part in our quick and easy reward Customer Survey. In return, we will credit €150.00 to your account – Just for your time!' After she survey is completed, it then goes to another page requesting personal and credit card information.

'DoneDeal did NOT send this email,' said a member of the company's customer support team, in response to a query from this newspaper.

DoneDeal advised people to ignore the mails and report them to their email providers as spam.

'What these people are doing is known as phishing/smishing and it is an attempt to access your personal details.

'It is imperative, if you feel you have entered your credit card details in an insecure location that you contact your credit card company.'

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