Wednesday 13 November 2019

RNLI puts training into practice

Wexford RNLI on Sunday's rescue operation
Wexford RNLI on Sunday's rescue operation

Wexford RNLI was called into action on Sunday afternoon, when a boat carrying five people lost its propeller in Wexford harbour.

The crew was requested to launch shortly after midday, after a call to the Coast Guard for help.

With a fast falling tide, the boat was drifting out of the harbour with no power. As luck would have it, the lifeboat crew were still at the station following their morning training exercise and were able to mobilise immediately, arriving on scene within minutes.

The crew ensured everyone on board was safe and established a tow line.

The volunteer crew was David Maguire, Robbie Connolly, Dermot Whelan and Lesa Sludds.

Speaking after the rescue, Helm David Maguire said: 'The people did the right thing by calling the Coast Guard on 999, which ensured we got to them as quickly as possible.'

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