Monday 11 December 2017

Road fatalities in Wexford continue to rise

By Esther Hayden

More and more motorists are being caught speeding, drink driving and using their mobile phones as the number of people being killed on the county's roads continues to rise.

Chief Superintendent John Roche said that so far eight people had been killed on Wexford roads so far this year compared to three people for the same period last year. This, he said, is an increase of 133 per cent.

He said that the number of people using their mobile phone while driving had also risen sharply jumping by 751 to 1,126, an increase of 50 per cent. He said that motorists often weren't talking on the phone while detected but were instead checking Facebook, emails or texting. 'They are not concentrating on the roads', he said 'and this is the cause of some collisions.'

He said the number of people caught not wearing their seatbelt had decreased by eight per cent, from 616 cases to 565 cases and in many instances these related to rear seat passengers not wearing a belt.

Nationally 20 per cent of all fatalities on the road weren't wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash which, he said, was a sobering statistic.

People caught driving under the influence of an intoxicant in the county increased by three per cent from 225 cases to 231 cases while the amount of people caught speeding by a Go Safe van also increased by three per cent - from 6,623 to 6,852.

The amount of people caught speeding and chased by gardai in the county also rose from 811 to 934 - an increase of 15 per cent.

Chief Superintendent Roche said that despite people claiming that the location of Go Safe vans was akin to 'shooting fish in a barrel' the figures don't bear this out adding the detection rate of such vans was about one in every 200 motorists.

Cllr Joe O'Sullivan said that the Wexford road fatality rate is very high and said nationally road deaths are down yet Wexford remains high.

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