Monday 19 March 2018

Road too bad for school bus

THE potholed road from Adamstown to Barmoney is so bad that the school bus doesn't want to travel on it anymore, according to Council chairman Michael Kinsella.

Cllr. Kinsella said it was reported to him on the morning of the meeting that the road is so broken up that the bus is having difficulty driving on it.

Cllr. Denis Kennedy who raised the issue initially, said it was almost impossible to drive on one side of the road. He criticised the delay in having it repair.

' The people of my area who commute to Wexford on the R730 were told last January that it would be resurfaced this year. It hasn't happened', he said.

' I keep getting complaints about the Adamstown to Barmoney road. You can't travel on one side of it. We have to fill the potholes on that road', he insisted.

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