Thursday 22 August 2019

Roadworks welcome but more are needed

By esther Hayden

The road programme for the Wexford District was outlined at the March meeting.

Wexford District Engineer Craig Innes said that the programme is 'very much focused on regional and local roads. He said that works would be carried out along the Distillery Road for a 500meter stretch adding 'we did some fairly extensive patching there but it's far from ideal.'

He said that hopefully the road programme included a 'good distribution of the county's road network with a focus on the more important roads.'

Roads that are to be strengthened include the Castlebridge Road, Kereight to Killurin, Scar to Newtown, Ten Acre to Bargy, Grange, Rosslare Strand, Halfpenny Bridge to The Deeps, Broadway village, Kilmore National School and Johnstown Castle Gates.

There is also a surface dressing programme planned where the following roads will be upgraded; Bridgetown to Ten Acre, Whitescross Crossroads to Carish's Crossroads, Ballytory to Broadway, Kisha Cross Roads to Millpond, Garrycleary N11 to Crossabeg, Monamore N11 to Crory, Kilowen to Kyle Upper, Killeen to Newcastle and Muchwood Cross to Ardcandrisk.

Work will also be carried out to a limited extent at Summerhill, Barrack Street and Kennedy Park/Whitemill as well as a number of rural roads such as Ballinaglough which serves as a by-pass around the road that is closed at Keelogues.

Mr. Innes also said that work is ongoing at Rosslare Strand to improve the road drainage system while work is also ongoing in Castlebridge House to connect the footpath from the National School with the footpath from the centre of the village.

Cllr Jim Moore pointed out that some of the roads are on the to do list for a long time. He said the N11 between Drinagh and Rosslare also needed urgent work carried out on it as a number of cars had been damaged there recently.

Mr Innes said he would be in contact with the NRA about this.

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