Saturday 25 November 2017

Rocky to the rescue as he nabs Wexford town burglary suspect

By David Tucker

John 'Rocky' Fenlon.
John 'Rocky' Fenlon.

A retired councillor's son performed a citizen's arrest of a man believed to be a suspect in a number of recent burglaries around the town.

John 'Rocky' Fenlon said he chased after the man after his mother saw him in her garden at Wolfe Tone Villas late last Monday night.

'I ran after him and pinned him up against the wall,' John told this newspaper.

He said when he turned around to face him he immediately recognised the suspect whom he described as 'a dangerous man'.

'I think he got more of a shock then me when I grabbed him because he knew who I was too,' said John, 'the guards told me he was one of the suspects in some recent robberies around the town'.

He said that after he apprehended the man he claimed he was looking for somebody who was apparently trying to break into his uncle's house, however, neighbours of the Fenlons reported that man had been seen acting suspiciously around other houses shortly before he was caught outside former councillor Anna Fenlon's house.

Anna said she was the first to spot the suspect in her garden at the villas.

'I saw him coming round the side of the house and he took off.. John happened to be at the house and chased after him dressed in his shorts and boots. My daughter rang a neighbour and someone called the guards.' Plain clothes detectives quickly arrived and the man, who is well known to them, was interviewed the following day. 'I'm really proud of what John did,' said Anna.

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