Monday 18 December 2017

Rory helping to spread the word

IN A BID to make the ' big switch' to digital TV run as smoothly as possible a digital outreach champion was appointed to each county across the country. In Wexford the task fell to Bunclody man Rory Murphy ( pictured), who is also widely known in GAA circles and who is current PRO of the County Board, and he has spent the last number of months trying to locate and help those who may have a problem with the switchover.

' Our primary aim is to find anyone who has any difficulty,' Rory said. ' In recent weeks we've had a number of events in places such as daycare centres, ICA groups, and GAA clubs. The majority of people seem to have no problem with the switch and are well prepared. Even a lot of the active retirement groups seem to be well tuned in, excuse the pun!'

Rory says that a number of people in daycare centres who would not have the technical knowledge to install their set top boxes have already been helped, but he is asking for anyone that has any problem to come forward and he will provide them with any advice or assistance necessary.

' We're coming into the winter now,' Rory said. ' The evenings will be getting shorter and the weather is getting worse. They can be long, cold, lonely nights for some people and we would hate to think that there's anyone who is going without television as a result of the switch.

' The people we're really interested in are those who wouldn't have the knowledge to set up and tune in their set top boxes. If you or maybe a neighbour or a relation of yours is one of these people, we'd ask that you get in touch and we can provide you with free advice and assistance.'

Rory has also commented that the majority of people in Wexford have been extremely well prepared in getting set for the switch to Saorview. 'People in Wexford have generally been very quick to adapt,' he said. ' In other areas of the country there have been cases of people leaving it until the last minute and then local shops have driven up the prices of the set top boxes to match the demand. However in Wexford they remain extremely reasonably priced. ' The only issue has been in getting installers. Some people have needed new aerials and things like that and have needed the assistance of a qualified installer, but as you can imagine, they are very busy at the moment. Most local electrical shops will be able to provide you with a list of installers however and they will get to everybody.'

Another issue which Rory has warned against, is con men who call to the door selling fake Saorview set top boxes.

'' We have had a number of reports of this kind of thing going on and we would recommend to people to go to their local electrical shop to ensure they are getting a genuine Saorview approved box.

' There are a vast variety of boxes available and I think they range from about €49.99 upwards. We would ask people to shop around for the best deal to suit them and be sure to use registered installers.'

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