Sunday 17 December 2017


YOU ARE REALLY MADE to work for your marks in the Tidy Towns.

This is clear when you consider weeds. Obviously their presence is unwelcome, but don't take any short cuts removing them by using sprays as you'll gain far more marks if you take the elbow grease approach of the green-fingered residents of Rosslare Harbour.

The adjudicators, in numerous reports from around Co Wexford, express their unease with the chemical weeding they see carried out due to the obvious aftereffects on the respective areas.

However, on their visit to Rosslare Harbour, they were 'very impressed with the residents in La Rochelle who were out in force on adjudication day weeding their kerbsides in the traditional non chemical hard work method - thus contributing to their environment on the double!'

Meanwhile, one of the standout features in Rosslare Harbour was its Memorial Park, which attracted fulsome praise on a number of fronts. 'May we also say that we are gladdened with the respect you show the national flag each sunset,' the judges noted.

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