Thursday 14 December 2017

Rosslare housing estate taken in charge

Esther Hayden

Portside in Rosslare Harbour
Portside in Rosslare Harbour

A Rosslare housing estate will be taken in charge by Wexford Borough District.

Members of the local authority voted unanimously last week to take Portside in charge after being told by district manager Angela Laffan that the matter had been put on public display and there had been no submissions received.

Cllr George Lawlor wondered if this meant that the residents were no longer obliged to deal with the management company noting there had been some difficulties in the past.

Director of Services Tony Larkin said it was a matter for the residents but essentially it did mean that. He said however when there are shared areas such as hallways or sewerage plants which the council wouldn't be responsible for it would be unwise to dissolve a management company as it would leave responsibility for signing off on works done to these areas to one person.

The members also agreed to open up public consultation on the taking in charge of Hazelwood in Bridgetown and Phase 1 of Clonard Village.

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