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Rosslare port transformed into movie set for Hollywood movie

Members of the film crew at work in Rosslare Harbour as extras on motorbikes and in cars wait in the background to 'board' the ferry.
Members of the film crew at work in Rosslare Harbour as extras on motorbikes and in cars wait in the background to 'board' the ferry.
Sarah Bolger with Oliver Stark in The Tudors.
Logan Lerman with Brad Pitt in Fury.
Logan Lerman in Indignation.
A stuntman dangles from a rope on the Stena Horizon, behind loading officer Eghert Ethe who had a role in the movie.
Actress Sarah Bolger is among the stars.
RIGHT: American actor John Hawkes, of Deadwood fame, taking a break on the set .
Hollywood actor Logan Lerman who has appeared in movies alongside Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe, pictured on the set in Rosslare Harbour.
Captain Michael Proctor, Deputy Harbour Master with Irish Rail, who coordinated operations during filming.
Captain Michael Proctor, Deputy Harbour Master with Irish Rail, who coordinated operations during filming.

Maria Pepper

It was lights, camera, action in Rosslare Harbour as a new movie starring young Hollywood actor Logan Lerman was filmed on board a Stena Line ferry and in locations around the port.

A 120-strong film crew arrived in the harbour for the shooting of 'End of Sentence' a road movie directed by Elfar Adalsteins. Up to 100 local people were hired as extras, many of them appearing as passengers on the ferry or sitting in a line of cars waiting to embark. They were paid just over €105 a day for the privilege. Stena employees also acted as extras, playing themselves as ship's crew members.

Rosslare became 'Port of Larne' for three days and the Stena French ferry Horizon which is conveniently laid over in port on Mondays and Tuesdays, had a starring role in the film which is also being shot at locations in Wicklow, Dublin, Iceland and America.

The production company which visited Rosslare on reconnaissance missions in recent weeks, had contacted Stena Line with a view to filming action scenes on the Horizon which sails to Cherbourg three times weekly and is in port from from 8.15 a.m. on Monday to 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday which meant it would be available as a film location. Irish Rail were asked for permission to film port scenes.

The arrangements were co-ordinated by Eamon Fortune, the Operations Manager of Stena Line and Captain Michael Proctor, Deputy Harbour Master with Irish Rail. Stena Horizon's loading officer Eghert Ethe, became an unexpected film star when he was given his own part in the movie, having to give chase to Lerman when he spotted his character boarding the ferry.

The entourage arrived on the day before filming with truckloads of equipment and their own catering canteens and coffee shops. Many of them stayed in the Maldron Hotel.

Stena duty manager John Holden, also a freelance photographer and movie buff who took pictures of the film set in Rosslare, said it wasn't as glamorous as it might seem as the extras were required to sit for up to six hours in waiting cars in the heat.

'End of Sentence' which stars twenty-five year old Logan Lerman along with American actor John Hawkes and the Irish actess Sarah Bolger was written by Michael Armbruster who is known for 'Beautiful Boy' and tells the story of uptight but well-intentioned Frank Fogle (John Hawkes) and his ex-convict son Sean (Logan Lerman) who are reluctantly thrown together on a road trip to scatter the ashes of their late mother and wife Anna in her native Ireland. Along the way, they pick up a hitchhiker Jewel, played by the Irish actress Sarah Bolger.

Sean has just been released from prison and the last thing on his mind is a foreign road trip with his alienated father. What he wants is a fresh start in California but when his travel plans collapse, he reluctantly accepts his father's offer in return for a ticket to LA and a promise that they never have to see each other again. The journey becomes a little more than the father and son had bargained for and the pair are forced to confront the flaws in their relationship and find common ground.

Lerman, who plays Sean, brought Hollywood excitement to Rosslare during the filming. The Beverly Hills-born actor has appeared in 'Fury' with Brad Pitt, 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and '3:10 To Yuma' with Russell Crowe.

The actor had a stunt double for action scenes during filming last Monday which called for him to jump from an upper deck to a lower level onto the roof of a lorry. Later in the week, a stunt double also came on set for John Hawkes.

Twenty-six years old Dublin-born actress Sarah Bolger is best known for her roles in the films 'In America', 'Stormbreaker' and 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' as well as her award-winning role as Lady Mary Tudor in the television series 'The Tudors'. She guest starred as Princess Aurora in 'Once Upon a Time'.

John Hawkes who plays Sean's father, starred in the critically-acclaimed 'Me and You and Everyone We Know' which won the special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the Camera d'Or Award in Cannes. His television credits include a lead role in the HBO series 'Deadwood'.

'End of Sentence' which is expected to be released in 2018, is Adalstein's feature film debut. He started his career producing films in his native Iceland before moving to the UK where he shifted his attention to writing and directing. His non-dialogue film 'Sailcloth', starring John Hurt, was shortlisted for the 2012 Academy Awards for Best Short Film. He is known as co-producer on 'What Maisie Knew' and execuive producer of 'Country Wedding'. Another film 'Alma' which he co-produced is currently in post production.

The film is being produced under Adalstein's company Berserk Films alongside David Collins of Samson Films and Joni Sighvatsson of Palomar Pictures while Eva Marie Daniels and Olga Segura are executive producers. Worldwide sales are being handled by Thorsten Schumacher's Rocket Science.

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