Saturday 17 August 2019

Rosslare Strand vandals target trees in latest incident of anti-social behaviour

rosslare trees
rosslare trees


RESIDENTS and visitors to Rosslare Strand have been asked to be vigilant following the latest in a series of incidents of anti-social behaviour in which 14 mature Cordyline trees were ripped up.

Rosslare Tidy Towns said anti-social behaviour has been going on in the resort for the past few weeks.

'It is not just the members of Tidy Towns that should be annoyed and disappointed with the vandalism that took place on Monday night August 7 (when) 14 mature Cordyline trees were completely broken and left strewn around the lifeguard tower/beach area at Rosslare Strand,' said Eamonn Sreenan, chair of the tidy towns group.

'We would ask all Residents and Visitors to be vigilant and co-operative in trying to put an end to this awful behaviour.'

Mr Sreenan said the group would be asking the county council for lighting and extra security measures in the area near the lifeguard tower which was very badly lit at the moment.

He said he believed that whoever pulled down the trees had been attempting to drag them on to the beach to make a bonfire.

'But nobody saw or heard anything,' he said, adding that there had been less serious incidents over the past few weeks in which flower boxes had been dumped on the ground end emptied.

'It's a little bit disappointing. We need the cooperation of residents and visitors,' said Mr Sreenan.

Gardai are investigating.

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