Sunday 17 December 2017

Rosslare village has been left lagging behind

By Esther Hayden

The derelict Great Southern Hotel.
The derelict Great Southern Hotel.

Rosslare village hasn't kept pace with the level of development at Rosslare Port.

Cllr George Lawlor said despite the hard work done by the local community the village hasn't thrived like the port. He said Wexford County Council needs to establish a regeneration programme for the village.

'The purpose of this initiative would be to fast track the regeneration of Rosslare Village which is still suffering the effects of the economic collapse. This regeneration programme should be driven by the Economic SPC of Wexford County Council.'

He said that the village was full of civic minded people but many buildings lay derelict including two hotels, a supermarket, a youth hostel, a weather station and a housing estate which was in very bad repair. 'The port is a separate entity to the village and it gets national funding but the village itself is suffering. We should be playing an active role in regenerating the village and facilitating anyone who wants to re-open a derelict building.'

He was supported by Cllr Davy Hynes who said that Rosslare is the 'doorway to Europe but it didn't develop as it should have along with the port'.

Cllr Jim Moore agreed saying 'it is a priority area. There is a great community there and the community spirit just needs to be harnessed a bit more. We should also get the planning section involved and put our shoulder to the wheel on this'.

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