Thursday 23 November 2017

Roundabout renaming fails to hook Wexford councillors

Esther Hayden

New Ross councillors propose rebranding the Duncannon Line roundabout as the Hook Peninsula Roundabout
New Ross councillors propose rebranding the Duncannon Line roundabout as the Hook Peninsula Roundabout

Wexford councillors shot down a proposal from New Ross councillors to rename a roundabout on the outskirts of Wexford town at last weeks meeting local council meeting in the town.

Members of Wexford Borough District Council said the members of New Ross District were asking the other districts to consider renaming the Duncannon Road roundabout to the Hook Peninsula Roundabout.

District manager Angela Laffan said: 'This proposal arises from a tourism scooping report carried out recently in the New Ross District. The Hook Peninsula was identified as a tourist destination, similar to the entity known as the Dingle Peninsula, but unlike the Dingle Peninsula, the Hook Peninsula is home to many important and significant tourist attractions in the county and country.'

She said the New Ross councillors 'understood the importance and historical significant of the Duncannon Line and do not wish to detract from the name of the road in any way.

'They feel that by renaming the roundabout to the Hook Peninsula Roundabout it clearly identifies and highlights the destination.'

She said that the New Ross District had suggested that 'a further sign could be erected on the Duncannon Line/Road identifying the road as is the practice on roads adjacent to other ring roads in the country.'

Director of Services Tony Larkin said he had no objection to the proposal in general but said the whole issue of how the county sign post for tourism is currently being looked at because of Ireland Ancient East. He suggested that the members wait until after the tourism review before making a decision.

However the councillors were not giving the renaming proposal any quarter. Cllr George Lawlor said: 'I propose we answer immediately and our answer is No.'

He said the Duncannon Road roundabout was the boundary of the town and while he said Hook is a wonderful area 'I don't think renaming a roundabout in the centre of Wexford will do anything for it'.

Cllr Fergie Kehoe suggested merging the two names together and perhaps calling it the Duncannon and Hook Drive Roundabout' but this was scoffed at by Cllr Lawlor who said 'you'd have to drive around it to read it!'

Cllr Kehoe said tourism is very important to the area and suggested more discussion was needed on the matter.

However Cllr Deirdre Wadding felt that renaming the roundabout was 'ridiculous'.

'I don't see what benefit could come from renaming it. If you want to promote it put up a lovely sign with Gateway to Hook Lighthouse on it'.

Cllr Frank Staples was also in favour of a sign over the renaming while Cllr Anthony Kelly said he had mixed feelings because of the importance of tourism to the county.

In the end the members decided to defer the matter until after the tourism review.

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