Saturday 18 November 2017

Rubbish dumped at the gates to historic Wexford graveyard


Scene of the disgraceful dumping at the graveyard.
Scene of the disgraceful dumping at the graveyard.

IT SEEMS not even Wexford's dead heroes are immune from the worst excesses of people dumping rubbish around Wexford town.

The latest bit of dumping involved the discarding of a large amount of rubbish at the gates to the historic Carrig Graveyard in Park where many of those killed in the 1798 Rebellion are buried.

The incident took place last Thursday night or early Friday morning.

'This is a historical graveyard and what happened shows that people like this have contempt for both the living the dead,' said former mayor Cllr George Lawlor, who has asked the council to clear up the rubbish.

'These people are beneath contempt and we as a community should show contempt back to them,' he said.

If anyone saw the rubbish being dumped or knows who did it, they should contact the environment section at the county council.

The management of litter generally and the indiscriminate way in which a small minority of the public see fit to detract from the appearance of their own locality by dumping rubbish, is a constant and expensive challenge for Wexford County Council.

David Minogue, the council's communications manager, said County Hall continues to offer a wide range of services and initiatives to discourage such behaviour, 'but it is clear that the Council on its own cannot solve this issue, nor can the current practice of the local authority cleaning up litter day after day, week after week, continue indefinitely'.

'A strong and visible "no acceptance" public attitude towards littering and dumping is also essential, making it not just illegal to litter but making it morally and socially unacceptable also,' said Mr Minogue.

'This together with a renewal of every individual's sense of pride in their locality, and aided by Wexford County Council continuing efforts and resources, will do much to rid our beautiful county of the scourge of letter and dumping.'

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