Saturday 21 September 2019

Sadness at John's untimely passing

THE FAMILY and friends of the late John (Johnny) White were shocked and saddened at his sudden and untimely passing recently at the age of 64.

Born in Nuke in 1947 to parents Simon and Mary White, he spent his early years helping out on the family farm and soon after finishing school, he decided to travel to England in search of work. He spent 18 years in England before returning home to his beloved parents at St Martin's Kilhile where he spent the last 23 years. John enjoyed cycling and was a familiar sight on the Campile and Duncannon roads as he cycled all over the county to visit friends and family. Always a very friendly man, John would never pass by a neighbour without stopping for a chat. He was well known for the catchphrase 'Never fear John White is here' and was always ready to lend a hand should friends or family require it.

The sadness of John's passing is deepened due to recent loss of his father Simon, who passed away just six weeks before. John is survived by his mother Mary, brothers, sisters and extended family and he will be forever in their hearts and prayers. A Month's Mind Mass will take place in memory of John on July 14 at Ramsgrange church.

May he rest in peace.

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