Friday 23 August 2019

Salt Therapy Health Spa

Unit 15 Woodbine Business Park, New Ross, Co Wexford T: 051 445491 E:

THIS UNIQUE new centre in New Ross opened around Christmas and is under the management on local New Ross man Kevin Mackey. The Salt Therapy Health Spa is the only such facility in Ireland south of Dublin and is one of only three such centres in Ireland.

Kevin told us about the background and benefits of Salt Therapy which he believes offers a natural (drug-free) remedy for Asthma, Sinusitis, Hay Fever, other respiratory illnesses, as well as various skin conditions

Salt Therapy involves a high dispersion of dry salt aerosol made from pure pharmaceutical salt. Salt is dispensed into the room's athmosphere to create a microclimate based on that of a natural salt mine.

Howdoesittreatasthmaandotherrespiratoryillnesses? Kevin explains the process: 1. Patients sit in a comfortable chair in our spacious cave-like room for a 45 minute session (one session), listening to relaxation music and breath normally. They don't even have to remove or change any of their clothing.

2. Negative ionized tiny salt particles get into the respiratory system; they can even reach the deepest part of the lung.

3. Based on clinical studies the inhaled dry saline aerosol has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation in the whole respiratory tract, absorbing edema from the mucosa lining the airway passages leading to a widening of the airway passages, restoring the normal transport of mucus and unclog blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles leading to rapid elimination of the residual tar and foreign allergens.

4. Patients feel their respiratory system clean again. It can improve the quality of patients lives reducing the antibodies and corticoids or steroids intake reducing the rate of annual hospitalisations and decrease the frequency of asthma attacks.

5. Salt Therapy is a natural method of therapy beneficial for every age group.

WhatconditionscanbetreatedbySaltTherapy? Kevin lists the following: - Asthma - Chronic bronchitis - Cough - Sinusitis - Ear Infection - Psoriasis and other skin conditions - Rhinitis - Hay Fever - Respiratory Allergies - Cystic Fibrosis - Tonsillitis - Eczema


Kevin tells us that Salt Therapy has been in use for 20 year and is available on four continents. He quote clinically proven figures showing benefits including 57.5% reduced drug usage, 80% less dyspnoea, sick days reduced by an average of 11 days annually, up to 98% effectiveness, and benefits which last up to 12 months, sometimes longer


The New Ross Salt Therapy Health Spa has two treatment rooms-one for parents with children and one for adults. Young children must be accompanied by a parent who will have free access to the treatment room.

A modern air exchange system ensures that after each treatment the air is completely extracted and replenished through medical filters.

As Kevin explains, 'You as a patient have nothing more to do than switch off your mobile, put on shoe covers and a hairnet (which we provide), sit back in one of our comfortable chairs, relax into tranquillity of the room and BREATHE!'

First session at the Salt Therapy Health Spa is free

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