Sunday 17 December 2017


WHAT IS SAORVIEW? Saorview is Ireland's first free digital terrestrial television (DTT) service, which means the signal is broadcast from transmission masts across the country and is received through a standard TV aerial.

It brings you all your favourite Irish channels, crystal clear pictures, better quality sound, on-screen programme menus and digital teletext. WHAT DO I NEED? The service is free, but a set-top box, or a new integrated digital television (iDTV), is required. Your existing TV aerial will probably be able to receive the signal, but it may need to be realigned. WHAT WILL IT COST? The service is free, so there are no monthly or connection fees. However, Saorview does require a set-top box (retailing at up to €100) or iDTV (considerably more). In addition, your TV aerial could need realignment, and, in some cases, replacement. A standard installation of a new aerial can cost around €100 or more. WHAT'S THE PICTURE LIKE? Viewers used to receiving analogue television through an aerial will notice crystal clear pictures and great sound quality on Saorview. In addition, Saorview will offer high definition (HD) pictures and sound. HD television provides exceptionally clear, sharp pictures with vivid colours and up to five times more detail than standard definition television pictures. IS THERE ANY OTHER ADVANTAGE? An on-screen programme guide, sometimes called an electronic programme guide (EPG), gives viewers a full interactive TV listings service on their television. The Saorview on-screen programme guide will give full seven-day TV listings information for all channels on the service. This allows viewers to plan their viewing without the need for anything other than the remote control. For viewers with digital video recorders (DVRs) it also allows for recording. WHEN CAN I TUNE IN? According to RTE, 97 per cent of the population can now get Saorview. By late 2012 98 per cent of the population will be covered. WHEN WILL THE OLD ANALOGUE SERVICE BE SWITCHED OFF? The old service will be turned off by late 2012, in accordance with an EU mandate. WHAT HAPPENS IF I'M IN THE TWO PER CENT WHO CAN'T GET SAORVIEW AFTER THE ANALOGUE SWITCH-OFF? A free-to-air satellite service, Saorsat, will make it possible for 100 per cent of the population to access Irish free-to-air digital television channels and services. This will provide coverage to the homes not covered by Saorview, but it will require the purchase of a satellite dish. WHERE CAN I GET FURTHER INFORMATION? The website has information. You should also consult a reliable local retailer.

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