Thursday 18 January 2018

Save €5 a week or go to jail, judge tells car damage man

A WEXFORD man who said he'd rather go to jail than pay €200 to a man whose car he damaged has been ordered by a court to put away €5 each week in a Post Office account or he'll get his wish and be locked up.

Seán Bergin (22), of 19 Ferndale Terrace, Coolcotts, had admitted causing criminal damage to a vehicle Belvedere Road on February 20 last.

Ed King, for Bergin, told Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla that the case had been put back for him to produce €200 compensation, but he was 'not in a position to pay it'.

Judge O Buachalla asked Bergin how much he receives in social welfare and where he's living. Bergin said he gets €100 per week and lives with his parents.

The judge then said he would put the case back for a few minutes so Bergin could fill out a statement of means and indicate what he spends his money on. However, on hearing this, Bergin had a word with his solicitor.

'He says he has no intention of paying it,' Mr King told Judge O Buachalla. 'I'm quite certain he has the ability to put aside a certain amount of euro per week,' replied the judge.

However, once again he rejected it, with Mr King again instructed to tell the judge that Bergin has 'no intention' of paying it.

Judge O Buachalla then ordered that he open a post office account and put €5 in it every week. He is to come back before the court again on September 5 to show he has been doing this.

If he doesn't do as instructed, the judge indicated he will be going to jail instead.

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